SSKS - Getting Started

Social Services Knowledge Scotland (SSKS) provides information and tools to support the work of everyone working in social care in Scotland.

SSKS is maintained by the Knowledge Services Group and was developed in partnership with the Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services (IRISS) and the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC).

SSKS provides access to around 12 million information and learning resources from more than 100 providers and includes collections of articles, books and journals, guidelines, policy documents, evaluated websites, e-learning courses, portals and community websites.

The SSKS search portal can no longer be accessed directly from The Hub but you can search their resources on their website.

Registering for an Athens password with SSKS will give you access to 1000s of full text journals, 100s of ebooks and more than 100 databases free of charge. Click here to sign-up.

SSKS has produced an e-learning module, click on the image below to find out more:

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Online training is also available and users can sign up for sessions here.

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