Creative Examples & Materials

As with our previous resources, My World Outdoors and My Childminding Experience, Our Creative Journey is based on the Getting it Right for Every Child (GIRFEC) wellbeing indicators.

Demonstrating how experiences of expressive arts contributes to children's wellbeing is aligned with the way we now regulate early learning and childcare services, putting children's outcomes at the forefront of our assessments. The approach uses eight areas of wellbeing, SHANARRI or Wellbeing Indicators, which represent the basic requirements for all children and young people to grow and develop and reach their full potential:

      • SafeSpinner
      • Healthy
      • Achieving
      • Nurtured
      • Active
      • Respected
      • Responsible
      • Included

Wellbeing Indicator Spinner

The Wellbeing Indicator Spinner is available to download as an activity that practitioners can use. Click on the SHANARRI octagon above to download, print and cut out. You can punch a pencil through the middle and use it as a spinner. When one of the eight edges of the spinner lands on a surface, the relevant practice questions should be discussed. 

By clicking on each Wellbeing Indicator Icon below, you can learn more about the good practice examples and case studies featured in Our Creative Journey. As well as descriptions of the creative play at each setting, there is additional information on each service's background and recent inspection reports. There are also videos and additional materials from the services so you can see first-hand how creativity and expressive arts are used in practice. 

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