Inspection Focus Area Resources - Services for adults with a learning disability

Our Inspection Focus Area aims to identify the experiences of people receiving support by assessing what positive outcomes have been achieved. We will actively work in partnership with providers, partnerships and others, to support best practice and improvement for people using these services.

There will also be an assessment of healthcare needs and equity of access to routine health service, for example dental care. Short Observational Framework for Inspection 2 (SOFI2) will be used to support the person centred approach.

A range of questions have been developed to elicit key information from providers via the self-assessment form. This will give inspectors baseline information on where the service has assessed itself to be in terms of progress with Keys to Life.

The IFA will cover the existing four themes but in a way that is more targeted to ensure we gather the evidence about people’s experiences and outcomes.

The Hub presents a range of resources from policy documents to excellent practice. We will also highlight the tools and documents we are using as part of our inspection processes in order to support improvement.

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