Continuing Professional Development

Training, elearning, and other resources for continuing professional development

In this section you will find details of training and resources offered by local NHS continence resource teams, the national provider OntexID and we'll be adding to the section on an ongoing basis with useful information.

Ontex iD

The national provider of bladder and bowel products, Ontex iD, has a number of guides and eLearning

elearning OntexID Academy (RCN)_Page_01




ONT5768 - ID EXPERT FORM Fitting Guide - 27.05.2016_Page_1





ONT5768 - ID EXPERT LIGHT Fitting Guide - 18.05.2016_Page_1




ONT5768 - ID EXPERT SLIP Fitting Guide - 20.07.2016_Page_1




ONT5768 - SKINCARE GUIDE - 27.05.2016_Page_1






Scottish - ONT5867 - Washing Instructions_Page_1







ONT5868 - ID Expert FAQ BOOKLET - 18.05.2016_Page_1








Ontex iD eLearning Tool

This learning tool has been created to support care staff to develop their knowledge and understanding around the care and management of urine and faecal incontinence.  Access the elearning tool at







OntexID elearning ref pocket guide_Page_1





OntexID elearning ref pocket guide_Page_2








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