Dementia Inspection Focus Area (IFA)

We are always looking to support improvement by promoting and showcasing best practice and innovation in services who care and support people living with dementia. This inspection year 2016/17 we will be carrying out 150 dementia focused inspections in care homes for older people across Scotland.

The services having this type of inspection have been randomly selected and will give us a national picture of how the Dementia Standards have been applied into practice and changed the lived experience of people living with dementia.

We are hoping to be able to show how care homes are supporting people to live with meaning and purpose, staying connected to their families and communities and having their health needs met. There may be areas for development and improvement and we are committed to work in partnership to see positive changes.

The themed dementia inspections will also have a focus on oral health and the environment. Managers can get ready for the possibility of an IFA by having key information to hand. 

Short Observational Framework for Inspection 2 (SOFI2) will be used to support the person centred approach.

A range of questions have been developed to elicit key information from providers which link into the dementia standards, as well as the key findings and recommendations from Remember I’m Still Me.

Promoting Positive Outcomes for People with Dementia has been developed to link outcomes “How does it feel for me” to how staff can evidence and show that these outcomes for people are being met “what does it look like”.

The dementia  IFA will cover the existing four themes but in a way that is more targeted to ensure we gather the evidence about people’s experiences and outcomes.

The Hub in this section will highlight the tools and documents we are using as part of our inspection processes in order to support improvement.

Some of the information and data that we gather during the dementia IFA will be used as part of a national report looking at how the dementia standards have been put into practice and what it means for people with dementia living in care homes. Themes and trends will be analysed and this information will be used to target our improvement work with providers.

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