Spotlight on Childminding

This section brings together the various resources for anyone working as a childminder or interested in childminding. The Care Inspectorate publication, My Childminding Experience, is showcased alongside our learning and development resource, Your Childminding Journey. You will also find links to other key publications, strategies and policies relevant to childminding and the wider early learning and childcare sector.

Lizzie and kidsThe Care Inspectorate regulates and inspects all of Scotland's early learning and childcare registered services individually. Our Early Learning and Childcare Statistics 2016 publication reports that on 31 December 2016 there were 5,669 childminders registered in Scotland, which compares to 3,733 children's daycare registrations. Childminders make up 60% of all early learning and childcare registrations. They also make up the largest number of registered services compared with any other type of registered care service, including adult care. Childminders care for an estimated 33,440 children, which means childminders look after 15% of all children attending early learning and childcare. 

We also find that childminders generally provide high quality services. As with all other types of care service, childminders are inspected against a framework using a six-point scale with grades from 1 for 'unsatisfactory' to 6 for 'outstanding'. Childminders are given grades for the quality of 'care and support', 'environment' and for 'management and leadership', with a grade for 'staffing' if an assistant is employed. Although different kinds of early learning and childcare provide different services with varying expectations, many childminders provide high-performing services: 48.7% of childminders were found to have grades of 'very good' and 'excellent' for all themes in 2016/17. 

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