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Methodology Toolkit

Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) evidence teams develop a range of evidence based products to support the delivery of high quality healthcare in Scotland. Evidence teams include Health Services Research, Scottish Health Technologies Group, SIGN, and Standards and Indicators. Each of the teams use evidence-based methods to produce their publications.

The Methodology Toolkit aims to:

  • Provide a synopsis of each of the methods used in producing Healthcare Improvement Scotland evidence products.
  • Assist people in choosing an evidence methodology to use for a particular purpose e.g. clinical decision making.
  • Facilitate a greater understanding of what Healthcare Improvement Scotland evidence teams do and how they do it.


Delirium Toolkit

In collaboration with the Scottish Delirium Association, NHS Education for Scotland and colleagues across NHS Scotland, Healthcare Improvement Scotland has developed a range of tools and resources for healthcare professionals to help improve the identification and immediate management of delirium in clinical settings.

Delirium is a state of mental confusion which can be caused by illness, surgery and medications. It often starts suddenly, but usually lifts when the condition causing it gets better.

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Scottish Patient Safety Programme (SPSP)

The Scottish Patient Safety Programme (SPSP) is a unique national initiative that aims to improve the safety and reliability of healthcare and reduce harm, whenever care is delivered.

Led by Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS), with its technical partner the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), it includes safety improvement programmes for the following areas:

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HISpiration videos

Healthcare Improvement Scotland has started to use Vine, the Twitter-owned 6-second video platform, in order to increase its creative use of social media as a way of helping to drive improvements in healthcare.The first series of HISpiration videos are focused on getting healthcare professionals to think about what inspires them to bring about change and to improve the care they provide. The suite of videos focus on people from across the organisation highlighting their favourite inspirational quote for improving healthcare.


Older People in Acute Care Improvement Programme

Delirium Video Links

The Older People’s Acute Care team has created a series of 3 videos to complement existing work on delirium care. The videos could be used in a variety of ways to continue to raise awareness of the importance of listening to family membersand to further engage a range of partners. The videos highlight three individual stories told by women of their mothers’ experience of delirium. Links to these stories are below:

Delirium: a daughter's perspective

Lynne’s Story 

Adrienne’s Story 

Sandra’s Story

In addition key messages from all three stories are reflected in separate brief video clips focused on First Signs, Causes, Experiencing Delirium and Help & Reassurance.

These shorter segments could be used for teaching sessions, to generate discussion as part of presentations and at conferences and exhibitions to match the needs of individual audiences. Links to these videos are below:

First Signs of Delirium

1:58 full length 
0:19 short
0:12 short 

Causes of Delirium

1:01 full length 
0:16 short
0:15 short 

Experiencing Delirium

2:19 full length  
0:19 short 

Help and Reassurance

1:36 full length  
0:22 short 
0:15 short



Anticipatory Care Planning 

My Anticipatory Care Plan is a toolkit document people experiencing care can complete in conjunction with health and social care professionals so that they can express their wishes as to the sort of care that they receive. An app entitled ‘Let’s Think Ahead’ has been launched to support this. Guidance for health and care professionals is also available.


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