Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC)

The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) has produced a range of resources as part of its role to raise standards of practice and strengthen and support the social services workforce.

SSSC Learning Zone

Whatever your role and level of experience, the SSSC Learning Zone
has apps and resources to help you develop your knowledge and skills.
You can work through the resources at your own pace and use them to
contribute towards your recorded learning and development.

You’ll find resources on:

  • leadership
  • dementia
  • self-directed support
  • SVQs
  • childhood practice
  • safe administration of medication
  • protecting people
  • modern apprenticeships.


The SSSC, in partnership with the Care inspectorate, has developed and published a smartphone app and web resource, SafeMed, designed to provide “just-in-time” learning on the safe administration of medicine for care and support services. The app, available for iPhone,Android and Windows devices,  complements learning and development for workers preparing for SVQ assessment and the PDA and staff can also use it as a day-to-day reference tool.

The Care Inspectorate’s Pharmacy Advisers developed the content of the app and SSSC carried out the design and development work using funding from the UK Commission for Employment and Skills’ Employer Investment Fund. People who currently deliver medication training in the sector created the web resource.

Find other learning apps produced by SSSC on the Learning Zone here.

Step into Leadership

Step Into Leadership aims to provide people working in social services with the leadership information and resources relevant to their role. The website sources content from various existing websites, including Social Services Knowledge Scotland itself, the Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services and the Social Care Institute for Excellence. 

The website is split into 4 leadership pathways. 'Pathway' describes the route by which an individual chooses to navigate the leadership development resources. Each person's pathway will be unique, as they develop leadership knowledge, skills and capability appropriate to their role, level of responsibility, leadership aspirations and learning needs:

  • Frontline workers
  • People using services
  • Managers
  • Corporate and strategic leaders

Promoting leadership in dementia practice illustrates the connections that social service workers can make between their dementia learning and the six leadership capabilities. 

Promoting leadership and  working together to achieve better outcomes for carers and young carers links the Equal Partners in Care (EPiC) framework to the leadership capabilities to support good leadership in social services. 

Continuous Learning Framework

The Continuous Learning Framework (CLF) aims to improve outcomes for people using social services by supporting the workforce delivering them to be the best they can be. It sets out the shared commitment needed from social service workers and their employers to lifelong learning and continuous improvement.

SSSC developed the CLF in partnership with the Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services as one of the recommendations made by Changing Lives: the Report of the 21st Century Social Work.


Scottish Social Services Workforce Data

Scottish Social Services Workforce Data is a unique, free to use, online resource providing you with all the workforce data and reports that the SSSC publishes on the social services sector in Scotland. 

Information provided on the website includes the annual workforce data report. workforce skills reports and local level workforce data sets. The website holds data for seven years (covering the period 20008-2014) and features a calendar of events and publication dates, minutes and papers of meetings and policy documents.


A Question of Care

A Question of Care: a Career for You? is a free online resource which aims to raise awareness of careers in the care sector. It’s designed to help people find out what work in the sector is really like, and to test whether they’re potentially suited to it.

Video scenarios follow three characters through their work in social care and early years settings and introduce day to day situations they may encounter. Questions then draw out and test the values and attitudes that employers look for when recruiting new care/support workers to any of the wide range of job roles in the sector.

Anyone considering work in the care sector, including students and job seekers, can use the resource. Employers and social services providers will also find the resource useful in their recruitment procedures as well as for staff training.


Modern Apprenticeship Apps

These apps provide candidates with resources in a flexible, innovative and user-friendly way, to help develop learning. The apps will also help candidates collect the evidence required to complete core skills assessments.

These apps support core skills within the Modern Apprenticeship (MA), Technical Apprenticeship (TA) and Professional Apprenticeship (PA) and are free to download.


Enhanced dementia practice for social workers

Aimed at social workers and other professionals, the enhanced dementia practice resource includes personal testimonies from members of Scottish Dementia Working Group (SDWG) and National Dementia Carers Action Network (NDCAN).

There are six sections in this resource:

  • understanding dementia
  • personal outcomes – valued relationships and community connections
  • working with carers
  • health and wellbeing
  • rights, support and protection
  • supportive environments

Each section contains a mixture of personal stories, filmed drama, quotations, key facts, resource material and activities.

You should be familiar with the Dementia Skilled - Improving Practice resource before starting. Resources include guidance for managers, guidance for assessors and learners, guidance about the Continuous Learning Framework and the leadership capabilities for social services, and mapping to standards in social work education. 

Updated versions of the dementia video resources have been published to help you gain the right level of knowledge and skills in dementia care and support.

A booklet on 'Promoting Excellence and its impact on social service settings' reflects how Dementia Ambassadors are taking the lead in developing and promoting dementia learning across the social service workforce. 


Resource Pack to Support Appreciative Inquiry

A new Appreciative Inquiry resource pack to support health and social care integration has been published by the Scottish Social Services Council in partnership with NHS Education for Scotland (NES). The pack offers a programme and supporting materials for a cycle of Appreciative Inquiry over three sessions. The whole resource can also be used to facilitate a cycle of Appreciative Inquiry or pick the materials to suit learning, planning or service improvement activity.


Making Better Decisions

A learning resource to help workers make better decisions when faced with difficult situationsi nt he workplace. All the scenarios in the resource contain issues and aspects that often feature in SSSC fitness to practise investigations and should enable social service workers to learn more about the types of decisions that could lead to investigatiosn about fitness to practise.

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