Specialist education for complex needs

Calaiswood School Nursery, Dunfermline is situated within Calaiswood School. The school and nursery provide specialist education to meet the needs of children and young people aged three to eighteen who have complex and significant additional support needs. The nursery works closely with a range of health professionals and other agencies. The nursery and school are part of Duloch Community Campus which also has a large primary school and nursery.

Speaking at the time, the inspector said “Each child that comes here has profound and complex needs.  The children in the nursery at the moment don’t have any verbal communication but they can communicate through gesture and eye movements. 

Group ShotThe staff are really attuned to each child’s individual needs. They understand these needs and do their utmost to offer the children choice and to express their views in the way that they can.  The staff impressed me by their range of experience and skill. They work with the children on a one to one basis and get to know them very well to ensure that the children have the best possible outcomes.” 

DeborahHeadteacher, Deborah Davidson explains “The children here at Calaiswood have complex care and health needs, as well as learning needs, and it’s up to us to make sure all those needs are being met. It’s very much a team approach to making the curriculum accessible to pupils and creating a real life meaningful context for them to learn.”

KellyMillie’s mum, Kelly added “Millie coming to Calaiswood has benefited the whole family immensely. The staff here are just fantastic.  It’s benefited Millie in every way and it helps us as parents too.  It makes you feel secure and makes you feel that your child’s safe.   And education wise, she’s getting the very best.”   

We publish regular inspection reports for all care services – and grades can go up and down depending on what we see. The effective practice we see here should always be read in conjunction with the latest inspection report.

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