Person centred care and support

Fairhill Nursing Home in Arbroath, is a service registered to provide 24 hour care and support to a maximum of three older people. Mel and John Cash live with the people using the service and provide expert care and support reflecting a 1-to-1 model for older people with physical and cognitive impairment.

Fairhill uses a person centred care approach to provide a high level of care that meets the needs of individuals.


As Care Inspectorate Inspector, Carol Ambrose, explains, “There’s the person centred approach that they have, the getting to know the people that they look after. That is done to an incredibly high level. And that is the foundation, in my opinion, of the very good outcomes that are then experienced by the people living here, and also those people, the families, and anyone else who has an interest.”

John Cash further explains that they look at their service users as individuals. Their main aim is to “understand the life that they’ve had and the life that they wish to lead. We seek out their understanding of what is important to them, and we marry that with our surroundings and the services that we offer. So we adapt ourselves and the care and the time that we give each individual, to suit what makes them happy.”

AliceThe son of a service user, Chris, appreciates the one to one care offered and flexibility in responding to his mother’s needs and “a sense of the resources being available there to meet them.”

The manager, Mel Cash, also comments that it’s important to seek out advice and knowledge from other resources, that “you also have to have the mindset that if you don’t know, then you ask. And that’s where our GPs and the community nurses, our pharmacist, have been invaluable in supporting us. And we have a very open relationship with them, a very honest relationship. And they know that if I pick up the phone, I’m not asking because I haven’t tried something, I’m asking because I need some more advice on how to look at something differently.”

Mel and Alice






 We publish regular inspection reports for all care services - and grades can go up and down depending on what we see. The effective practice we see here should always be read in conjunction with the latest inspection report.

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