Homely atmosphere for older people

St. David’s Care Home service is a privately owned care home in Forfar, Angus. It provides care for up to 22 people. The service prides itself on its high quality care and homely environment.

Ivan Cornford, manager at the care home, commented: "St David's is a homely place - just like people's own homes. It's not somewhere you're afraid to put your feet up.  I make a point to make sure that I know all the residents as well as I can, and also every friend and relative that comes through the door.  I think if you don't know the relatives as well as the residents - then you can start to struggle.  Relatives stay for five minutes or five hours - it's entirely up to them."  

"We try to do things to encourage life skills - the general stuff that you would do in your own home, such as peeling veg, making bread. We may do dusting, ironing, and folding laundry. We do these activities in smaller groups. Some people like it and some just like to watch."

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Lorraine, carer at the home, said: "We go out in the garden. We had vegetables last year - we do planting.  We've got apples and cherries and lots of different things.  The residents come out and help us - then we take things back and make chutneys and jams. We bake and we do a lot of versatile things.  It's a small family unit. We discuss what things we can do to keep the families and residents happy - and what we can do to change to make things better.  It's an ongoing thing."

Resident David suggested: "The most important thing is the care they provide to the people here.  They take their time with us - I see it daily.  The people that look after us are very, very good. 

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At the time of filming, Inspector Shona Adam said: “The service exceeds in meeting the wellbeing needs of its residents. St. David’s has a very person-centred approach to providing daily activities that are incredibly meaningful for residents. We were very impressed to see how much residents were involved in the daily life of the service. These activities provided a very high level of stimulation for residents which made their day very fulfilling indeed. When we inspected, we watched residents help with the laundry, hang washing out, prepare vegetables for lunch, take part in DIY activities, bake bread and take part in a number of other daily activities."

"It was very interesting and reassuring to see how busy the service was with no sign of residents sitting around sleeping in chairs. We cannot speak highly enough about the commitment demonstrated by the service to provide activities that reflected residents' home routines as much as possible.”

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We publish regular inspection reports for all care services - and grades can go up and down depending on what we see. The effective practice we see here should always be read in conjunction with the latest inspection report.


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