Advertising and Shortlisting

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Key Elements

The advertisement should be concise and easily understood.

If possible, include the following information or a link to where this detailed information can be found, such as from websites or in an application pack:

  • the post title and main details of the post including pay, location and type of contract (for example, is it permanent or fixed term)
  • any required qualification?
  • whether PVG scheme membership is required for the post
  • what the next steps will include, such as an interview, written assessment, group exercise, assessment centre
  • dates of interview, if known.

You should be clear about the nature of the work and how applicants should respond to the advertisement.

Consider including alternative formats, for example audio files, tape or Braille where needed.

Space permitting, the advertisement may include information about the qualities, skills and knowledge essential for the post and career development opportunities.

Advertising jobs well may help promote interest in the sector amongst people with the right skills and values but who might not have considered working in care.


Links to further guidance and practice examples

Skills for Care- Values based recruitment and retention guide- post advert document, values poster

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Practice example 8 Advert – SW Child care protection


Further Considerations

Give consideration to the best way to attract the kind of applicants you are looking for. For example, consider where you be advertising and whether the use of social media would be useful.

Include in your recruitment pack:

  • an application form and explanatory notes about completing the form
  • job description and person specification
  • relevant information about the employer, the recruitment process; and policies such as equal opportunities, the recruitment of ex-offenders
  • your child/vulnerable adult protection policy statement including an explicit statement about the organisation’s commitment to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of vulnerable people 
  • terms and conditions of the post.

Case Scenarios




Key Elements

You should carry this out using the competencies and person specification as criteria, taking into account length of experience, qualifications, and so on.  You should apply the person specification to all applicants equally and without exception. You may wish to give weighted scores to the competencies based on their importance to the post. If possible, shortlisting should be undertaken by more than one person and by members of the interview panel.

Links to further guidance and practice examples

Practice example 1 Candidate screening

Practice example 2 Shortlisting form


Further Considerations

Look for unexplained gaps in employment history, significant changes in career, incomplete applications, repeated job moves without obvious career progression and other discrepancies.  These should be explored at interview if the applicant is short-listed.


Case Scenarios



Invitation to Interview

Key Elements

Explain clearly in your letter or email what the interview or assessment process will involve. Include:

  • time, place and location (directions to the venue are helpful)
  • details of the interview panel
  • details of how the interview will be conducted
  • emphasis on the protection of people and that safer recruitment checks will be carried out if the applicant is successful.
  • what the applicant will need to bring with them to interview such as identification and evidence of declared qualifications.

Links to further guidance and practice examples

Practice example 1 Invitation to interview

Practice example 2 Invitation to interview

Practice example 3 Invitation to interview

Practice example 4 Invitation to interview


Further Considerations

Case Scenarios


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