Meaningful connection during an outbreak situation

Date 27/09/2023
Location Online

As we approach the winter months, which always brings an increased risk of an outbreak of infection, join us to discuss some of the key factors in supporting meaningful connection during an outbreak situation.

During this interactive session we will be joined by our Care Inspectorate colleague Jackie Dennis, Senior Improvement Adviser who has a focus on Infection Prevention and Control, who will share some helpful reminders around staying connected even in an outbreak situation.

The focus will be on meaningful connection, and we will be highlighting some of the things to consider if restrictions are necessary.  The discussion will also include:

  • How do we ensure we are balancing people’s rights during an outbreak situation?
  • What information should be in a personal plan?
  • Why is named and essential visiting important?
  • How can we communicate well with family carers and other visitors?
  • Supporting people living with dementia – some considerations.
  • How do we use current guidance to support our decision making?

There will be an opportunity to share your examples of good practice during the interactive slides and ask questions or bring practice dilemmas which we can either discuss during the webinar if time permits or follow up after the session. The session is aimed at staff in care homes for adults and older people, but anyone with an interest in the subject is welcome to attend. 

Date: Wednesday 27 September

Time: 14:00-15:00 

Find out more and register by clicking here.