The Social Work Role in Working with Families What happens when the children become violent?

Date 21/05/2019
Location Glasgow Caledonian University

In the SASW series “The social work role in…” they are facilitating a seminar on “Working with families: what happens when the children become violent?” on 21 May at Glasgow Caledonian University.

Child to Parent Violence and Abuse is an under-reported issue, there is no specific evidence or research base in Scotland detailing factual incidents of this occurring. There may be many reasons why relationships within families change, but how these escalate to anger, hurt and serious physical violence is less known.

This seminar, predominantly for social workers working with and for families, but also for other interested parties, aims to raise awareness of such complex dynamics by exploring what happens, identifying patterns and offering a way forward.

They will be reflecting the lived experience of parents and young people, within birth families, foster care, adoption and kinship care families.

More details are available here.