Why the Hub?

The Care Inspectorate's role is to protect and support some of the most vulnerable people in society. Almost every person in Scotland will use a care service at some stage in their lives. Our job is to help those services be as good as they can be..

Childminders, care homes, nurseries, care at home, adoption, fostering, secure cure - these are just some of the types of care we regulate and inspect. In fact, the 14,000 care services in Scotland cannot, by law, operate unless they are registered with us.

Every year, we collect a lot of information about the care sector in Scotland. We can see trends and themes emerging, which means we can provide a solid evidence base to inform the work of others.

When we inspect care services, we expect them to self-aware and able to evaluate their own performance effectively and openly.

The Hub provides 'one-stop-shop' access to a range of resources aimed at supporting improvement in the social care and social work sectors through the use and sharing of intelligence and research-led practice.

Take a fresh look at all the resources it offers, including:

  • A library of good practice guidance
  • Information on the latest developments in policy and legislation
  • Video based examples of innovative practice
  • Guidance to help users carry out their own research
  • Toolkits and resources aimed at supporting improvement

You can find a guide to using The Hub here.

The Hub also supports a number of the Care Inspectorate's purposes, including:

  • Acting as a catalyst for change and innovation
  • Supporting improvement and signposting good practice

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