Spotlight on Bowel and Bladder

This is a section focusing on improvement resources related to bowel and bladder health as it is acknowledged that this is key to maintaining/improving the likelihood of people remaining continent.

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It is important that care service staff are able to demonstrate and evidence good continence care practice that leads to improved bowel and bladder health for people using or accessing their service.

Up to date policy and operating procedure that takes cognisance of relevant best practice and Scottish legislation must support staff practice. 

This spotlight section is here to help you but it is also here for everyone who is enthusiastic about bladder and bowel health to share their good news stories and share their learning.  If you are doing anything creative or different or just having great success around promoting continence it would be good to hear from you so get in touch 

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Bowel and Bladder Health – Promoting Continence

The stigma and assumptions that people make about older people and people living with dementia and long term conditions means that many accept incontinence  as an inevitable aspect of ageing.

Professionals in the field recognise that the first step to improving continence care outcomes is to start viewing continence as the ‘norm’, instead of emphasising incontinence through the routine use of absorbent pads or urinary catheters or other product types.  The focus should always be on cure but where cure is not possible there must be a culture of promoting continence rather than an over reliance on the use of products

Actively promoting continence can reduce the incidence of associated harm.  For example, it can reduce the:

  • number of falls
  • incidence of moisture lesions
  • likelihood of constipation.

Continence Infographic 7

Health professionals also acknowledge that where planned approaches are in place to support people to access the toilet it can significantly improve the overall health and well-being of the individual.

Promoting continence is everybody’s business and supports overall bowel and bladder health.

Promoting Continence event

We held an event in February 2016 that explored some of the challenges and assumptions around what it’s like to live with a dysfunctional bowel and/or bladder.  This event gave care staff from across health and social care the opportunity to hear about some practical approaches to some of the challenges they face.  You can watch presentations from the day and read the supporting materials  here. 

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