Expansion of Early Learning & Childcare

As Scotland invests unprecedented resources into expanding early learning and childcare provision, we hope that this Spotlight section and related resources will inform and influence the future development of early learning and childcare.

Little boy sittingFor some young children, provision of early learning and childcare through a childminder may be the best option to meet their particular needs, regardless of where they live. The Care Inspectorate recognises the unique benefits of home-based care, particularly in providing continuity and promoting attachment for young children.

Only a small number of childminding services are currently in partnership to provide funded places. There could be an increased use of childminders to better deliver funded early learning and childcare, not least in remote and rural areas where other demand is insufficient or the pattern of local needs make group settings unfeasible.

There are some models where childminders not only provide early learning Bookbugsand childcare as a sole provider but also offer blended provision with an establishment-based setting. It is important that local authorities understand the potential of childminders in developing local commissioning approaches, recognising that childminders are registered, regulated and inspected in order to ensure the quality of their setting is high and the childminder's commitment to continuous improvement. 

You can find out more about the expansion of early learning and childcare in our Policy Portal

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