Iriss (Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services) is a charity promoting positive outcomes for people using Scotland's social services. Iriss promotes knowledge and innovation, and links research and practice with ideas and implementation.

IRISS provides a wide range of other free resources.

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IRISS Toolkits

IRISS Toolkits provide information, resources, and advice for specific subject areas. These include:

  • providing guidance on the process of finding and using evidence for service innovation and improvement
  • encouraging information literacy
  • an outcomes focussed approach
  • building strategies for the future 


IRISS Insights

IRISS Insights are evidence summaries to support social services in Scotland. They outline the evidence and discuss the potential implications for the social services.

Insights are reviewed by people with research, policy and practice expertise to ensure they are robust and meet the needs of social service stakeholders in Scotland.



IRISS.FM is an internet radio station for Scotland's social services,  presenting lectures, discussions and debate on current topics of interest. A forum where all involved in social services may share opinion, knowledge and experience, IRISS.FM aims to promote engagement between practitioners, policy makers, researchers and people who use services.


Case studies

Iriss publishes a wide range of case studies showcasing evidence-informed practice in Scotland. 


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