A library of resources including guidance, research and other publications, as well as bespoke resources relating to early learning and childcare and self-directed support.

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Children and young people

Do you work with children or young people? Browse all resources relevant to your setting.

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Adults and older people

Do you work with adults or older people? Browse all resources relevant to your setting.

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National recruitment guidance

Guidance in relation to the recruitment of staff working in social care, early education and childcare and social work settings

Research resources and skills

Social Services Knowledge Scotland library and Iriss resources to help you find and use evidence and research to inform and improve your practice

National social services search

Search resources from Iriss, SSSC and the Care Inspectorate. This is a test facility designed to search resources across multiple national websites.

Directory of continuous professional learning for early learning and childcare

A directory of local and national training and development opportunities available to the early learning and childcare workforce

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Self-directed support library

A selection of resources that explain what SDS is, the Standards for good SDS, people’s stories, assessment and support planning tools as well as resources to influence commissioning and procurement practice to make SDS truly mainstream across Scotland

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