Capa Scotland Programme
Date 11/07/2018
Resource Type Case Study

Good conversations bring about better lives

Having different and meaningful conversations to find out what’s important to people experiencing care is an approach that works – according to Evergreen Home Support Service, in Greenock.

Colin Paterson Senior Care Worker said: “John Maher is a resident at Seafield House, one of River Clyde homes in Greenock and through CAPA, we started working with him to support him to become more fit and able.

John used to spend all of his time in bed. Although he wanted to use his wheelchair more, he felt uncomfortable and lacked confidence to do so. He told us that would like to get outside and that it might be nice to go to the local pub with his wife.

Colin said: “I started to support John to get up (using a hoist) and to get dressed and out every day. We then needed to work on his leg and core strength so I began to encourage John to use a foot pedal while sitting in his living room chair.

The next step is to try using the foot pedals when John is seated in the wheelchair so that he feels stronger and more comfortable in his chair. This will encourage him to use it more.

John said: “I can see the benefits of getting fitter and stronger so that I can use my chair more and get outside and out of the flat. I feel much happier being up and dressed every day and I’m beginning to feel more confident.”