Capa Scotland Programme
Date 17/07/2018
Resource Type Case Study

Reablement results for Cordia Care

A six-week reablement programme run by CAPA partner, Cordia Care at Home in Glasgow has made a big difference to one man’s life.  He also now needs less care at home support.

Mags Hughes, CAPA Improvement Adviser for East Renfrewshire and Glasgow explained: “We have been working with Cordia to see how they could integrate the work they do during short-term reablement with the CAPA principles. In this instance, the goals were to increase the gentlemans mobility so that he could manage his own pain medication and personal care and to be able to prepare his own meals.

“Carers visited the gentleman four times a day. They began to support him to get out of his chair and walk a short distance indoors each time they visited. This is something that he wouldn’t normally have done and over the course of six weeks, he improved quickly and became able to walk to the kitchen and get his own medication. Previously staff went to the kitchen and brought his medication to him. They also encouraged him to walk care staff to the door and to lock it after they left. Previously staff would let themselves out.

During week six, the gentleman told staff that he felt much better and that he didn’t think he needed his medication as much.  His joints were much less painful. So, his medication was reduced from four times per day to two times per day.

Mags continued: “We know that care at home providers can be restricted by time constraints. It’s important for staff to think about how they can incorporate small, but meaningful movement and activity in the short time slots they have with people and this is a really good example, which has made a big difference within a matter of weeks.”