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Training Provider Experiential Play Ltd

Nurturing Children Through Play

Can we have effective learning without every child having a sense of being nurtured?


'Children who've grown up without nurture may often lack any sense that they can be something other than what they are.'


Glasgow Centre for Population Health published a briefing paper in 2014 on Nurture Corners in Nurseries. Since then the need for Nurture has developed across Scotland to become a National Need for Nurture throughout services, not just a ‘corner’. Beginning with the six guiding principles set out in the ‘nurture approach’ offers solid foundations to create the best start to creating a nurture ethos.


This course will consider qualities to nurture including:


  • Trust, patience, responsibility, empathy and self-reliance.
  • Perceptual development.
  • Emotional health.
  • Expressing emotions.
  • Mutual respect.
  • Listening actively.
  • Encouraging talents and strengths.
  • Considering limitations.
  • Fair and consistent discipline as teaching not punishment.
  • Value apologies, co-operation, patience, forgiveness and co-operation of others.


There will, as always, be an active approach to the content with practical examples being explored and a variety of play-based ideas to promote nurture in every aspect of play.


This one day course will be held at our training centre in Glasgow; Unit S12, Flemington House, 110 Flemington Street, Glasgow, G21 4BF

Training Provider Overview

We have been delivering training to those working in the early learning and childcare sector for over 15 years now. We offer a variety of CPD courses held at our training centre in Glasgow and in-service training delivered to whole staff teams across the globe.

We are an approved SQA centre and currently offer the Social Services (Children and Young People) qualification at SCQF Levels 6 and 7.

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Provider Name: Experiential Play Ltd

Contact Name: Carol Scott

Telephone: 0141 557 3304



Quality Assurance

Quality is very important to us at Experiential Play, we evaluate all of our training courses to ensure we are meeting the expectations of delegates and take on board suggestions for improvements.  We hold monthly staff meetings to discuss changes and improvements to our training and teaching programmes, ensuring input from all team members.  We hold two staff development days per year to review our qualification teaching programmes, ensuring that we are covering topics which are up to date and relevant.

As an approved SQA centre there are systems and procedures we need to follow.  We are subject to annual EV visits from SQA and all subsequent reports have been green with several areas of good practice highlighted.

We are also approved to deliver Modern Apprenticeships for Skills Development Scotland and as part of this contract we are required to complete an annual self-assessment looking all areas of our teaching programme including quality.  Again, feedback is always positive with no areas of improvement recommended.  SDS also speak to and visit candidates to evaluate their experiences and gain feedback which is passed on to us.

Carol Scott, our Head of Centre, is the point of contact for any complaints or suggestions anyone attending any of our training courses may have.