Price £275.00
Delivery Type Face to face
Training Provider Scottish School of Child & Baby Massage

Baby Massage Instructor’s Course

This is a 3-day course, with the initial two days of training together followed by a 3rd assessment day held about 3 months later

 During the first two days, training will include: the relationship between parent & baby, baby massage strokes for full-term, pre-term and special needs babies, benefits of baby massage for parent & baby, contra-indications, environment, oil, positioning & timing & looking at relevant research.

We will further discuss baby development, support for parents, maternal mental health & teaching massage on a 1:1 basis in the home - especially valuable for vulnerable parents or where visits/observations are required.

The courses are kept small, 6- 12 participants. This allows for individual attention. Each day will consist of 7 hours of training with the third day including a written & practical assessment.  The course work for the 3rd day assessment will take a minimum of 14 – 20 hours approx. depending on length of time spent gathering supplies, organising a venue, parents & babies to attend & travel time.

On the 3rd Assessment day - after teaching Baby Massage to a group of parents & babies, or, teaching on a 1:1 basis; completing evaluations and writing a reflective diary - participants return to discuss how their teaching progressed, review strokes, and complete written & practical assessments. After successful completion of all the work, participants will receive a Certificate in Baby Massage Instruction from the Scottish School of Child & Baby Massage enabling them to teach parents baby massage.

Venue:  Edinburgh or  Your location, for groups of 6-12 participants.

Training Provider Overview

The Scottish School of Child & Baby Massage was established 24 years ago in Edinburgh.

Our aim has been to provide Baby Massage training that is practical, straight forward and able to be adapted to individual client groups – all at an affordable price.  Quality is maintained by having small training groups.  Further we encourage all participants to bring  the many skills & experience they have in child & parent care to their baby massage groups – so that it truly reflects the aims & outcomes of the organisation and the needs of the parents & babies.

Course Entry: The course is open to health care professionals and those qualified to work with children in either social care, health or private nurseries.

Location: Courses run for individuals are held in Edinburgh.

Courses run for Health Boards, or other groups, are held at their locations where there are 6 or more people. Travel & accommodation costs are added to the training price.

Course dates: Please email for course dates in Edinburgh, these are held 6/8 times per year.  For group bookings, please email to organise a suitable date.

Booking: Once a booking form is completed & returned via email, you will have a place on the course.  If there is no space left, we can hold your name in case of cancellation, or else put you onto the next available course.

Training Provider Contact Details

Provider Name: Scottish School of Child & Baby Massage

Contact Name: Tammy McLellan

Telephone: 01506-637500  / 07793048402



Quality Assurance

Each course is evaluated.  At the end of the 3rd day participants are asked to complete an evaluation form.  For the Edinburgh courses, these are reviewed every quarter and any issues addressed.  In general, over the last 25 years the course has been well received.

For a group, the evaluation forms are copied and sent to the organising body.

Complaints can made in writing via email and are addressed immediately.