Price £500
Delivery Type Face to face
Training Provider Starcatchers

Starcatchers Creative Skills in Early Childhood Practice SQA

For those who have completed the Creative Skills Training Programme, there is the opportunity to continue their learning and turn their practical experience into an SQA recognised bespoke qualification. Creative Skills in Early Childhood Practice has two units: a practical unit where students write reflective journals on the ways they apply practical creative skills within their context and take part in a practical exam, and a theory unit which explores creativity through child development and current Scottish government policy, guidelines and best practice. The theory unit is assessed through reflective journals and a 2,000 essay.


The qualification is an excellent way to deepen students’ knowledge around creativity and the expressive arts and how they fit into the Scottish Early Learning and Childcare context. The qualification is delivered in partnership with Glasgow Kelvin College, and with freelance artists and Scottish early education experts

Training Provider Overview

Starcatchers is Scotland’s National Arts and Early Years Organisation. Our unique artist-led training programme and SQA – Creative Skills – give early years practitioners, educators, students and others who work with babies and young children the confidence and skills to put expressive arts at the heart of practice.

Our artists will challenge you to explore your own creativity and demonstrate how music, drama, puppetry, visual art, storytelling, and creative movement can transform learning environments.

We build capacity by focusing on:

Your own creative confidence – everyone is creative; everyone is an artist. You can inspire, create wonder and introduce new ideas without leading or dominating the creative process.

Theory – why creativity is central to every child’s healthy development and how the expressive arts are a vehicle for nurturing and developing this innate capacity to help every child reach their full potential.

And practice – how to put expressive arts at the heart of your day-to-day practice and create inspirational learning spaces for babies and children.

The Creative Skills core training programme, funded by the Scottish Government, is delivered in Midlothian, Aberdeen, Dundee, North Ayrshire, Inverclyde, and for students in Kelvin College, Glasgow.

Creative Skills bespoke, commissioned training can be delivered in any location.

For those who complete the Creative Skills training programme, we also offer an SQA-approved level 7 qualification.

Training Provider Contact Details

Provider Name: Starcatchers (Creative Skills Training Programme)

Contact Name: Heather Armstrong / Catherine Wilson

Telephone: 0131 2902560

Email: |


Quality Assurance

Practical training is delivered by artists specialising in Early Years. Our artists undergo annual training exploring child development, current Scottish ELC policy and workforce developments. Following artists development sessions, Starcatchers has developed a Creative Skills Ethos document to ensure all Creative Skills training sessions take the same high quality approach to the expressive arts in early years practice. As the majority of our training is practical, sessions are visited regularly by Starcatchers core staff to ensure high quality is maintained. Artists also provide lesson plans, and discuss any changes to the content of delivery with the Creative Skills Manager.

Participants fill in evaluation/ffedback forms after our shorter training courses, and complete baseline and evaluation questionnaires when taking part in our longer training programmes to ensure the effectiveness of the training.  In addition, the SQA qualification is delivered by professional artists and educators, and all coursework and practical assessments are moderated by the Creative Skills Manager as per relevant SQA guidelines.