Price £35 per session
Delivery Type Face to face
Training Provider The Secret Garden Outdoor Nursery

Hand in Hand Approach: using the Hand in Hand listening tools in childcare settings

Hand in Hand is a connection-based approach to parenting and working with children (see


At the Secret Garden we have been using the Hand in Hand approach in our work with pre-school children since 2015, and have experienced great outcomes for children, staff and parents.


Hand in Hand uses 5 simple and effective listening tools based on listening to children, which can help:

- Build better relationships with the children in your care

- Increase cooperation

- Work with separation anxiety and clinginess

- Work successfully to defuse aggressive behaviour

- Give clear guidelines for setting warm and effective limits

- Develop strategies for issues such as sharing and saying sorry.


A series of evening workshops will be facilitated by Louise Durrant, who is a certified instructor of Hand in Hand Parenting (you can read Louise’s story on the Hand in Hand website here) and is also Senior Practitioner at Secret Garden. Workshops will be for small groups, with opportunity for sharing, questions, and looking at specific situations.


Workshops are open to all, will take place at our Cupar office (KY15 5AS) and run from 1800 – 2100 on the following dates in 2019:

- Tuesday 28 February. The Connection Framework: Listening to Children’s Feelings

- Tuesday 2 April. Dealing with Aggressive Behaviour: connection, play and limits

- Tuesday 28 May. Sharing and Cooperation

- Tuesday 20 August. Working with Separation Anxiety

- Tuesday 29 October. Empowering Children through Play



Training Provider Overview

The Secret Garden Outdoor Nursery in Letham, Fife, opened its invisible doors for the first time in 2008, as the realisation of a vision long held by its founder, Cathy Bache, to create an experience for pre-school aged children of complete immersion in the natural world – with nature as teacher. As Scotland’s first ever outdoor nursery, a unique, and highly acclaimed philosophy and practice has evolved in the woods, with each turn of the seasons. Our pioneering workshops have unfolded naturally alongside the nursery itself, providing an insight into the ways of the Secret Garden, and attracting attendees from around the world, and from diverse backgrounds.

At the Secret Garden we acknowledge a need to be fully present and comfortable in the woods in order to wholly support the children. Mindful practice and feeling solid in our own being is truly where our roots lie. Connection to nature is fundamental to our holding of the children, and as staff we skilfully extend the children’s curiosity, enabling them to learn about the world and about themselves, through play in the woods. We encourage resilience, and confidence in the children whilst holding the space for them; unobtrusive, calm adult energy.

We invite workshop participants to experience the woods and what it is to be a Practitioner here. Walking in Cathy’s footsteps, ‘we explore how the Secret Garden’s practices have evolved as an intuitive nature based, and natural understanding of the growth and development of the child’. Everything we do is underpinned by the three indicators of the philosophy of the Secret Garden – Presence, Nature, Play.

Our workshops are open to all and bookings are made via contact with the office on:

Training Provider Contact Details

Provider Name: The Secret Garden Outdoor Nursery (Fife)

Telephone: 01334 652276



Quality Assurance

Our workshops are led by senior staff who have been working at the nursery for many years, and have a rich background of knowledge and experience in the early years and environmental sectors. Workshops focus on the unique approach to early years education at the Secret Garden and so our own staff are best equipped to share this approach with others.

In the event of a complaint, an email should be sent to the nursery manager on: