Price £35
Delivery Type Face to face
Training Provider The Yard

Aiding Better Communication

There are several teaching techniques and communication systems helpful to support a variety of daily living activities and skills. In this workshop we cover how to design and implement these effectively at home. We include supports such as sand timers, visual timetables, choice boards and reward charts. We also cover two approaches used to support clear communication; social stories are useful in providing relevant information about social situations, and comic strip conversations can be used to facilitate conversation and help a child consider thoughts and feelings. This course is introductory with no prior knowledge required. It is most suitable for those who would like to use these communication techniques with their children or with children in their care.

Training Provider Overview

The Yard is an award-winning charity running adventure play services for disabled children, young people and their families in the east of Scotland. We offer disabled children and their siblings the chance to experience creative, adventurous indoor and outdoor play in a well-supported environment. Since we opened in 1986, our services have grown significantly, but we will always retain our holistic approach and ethos of a child-centred and child-led play service.

At The Yard, our role in the lives of children and families is an ambitious one. Our single purpose as an organisation is to provide care, support, and opportunities for fun and friendship for disabled children and young people. We also encourage families to let go, promoting challenge, personal growth and supported independence for their children.

We currently provide training on Thursday mornings during term time at The Yard Edinburgh in topics related to what we do best - inclusive play, Signalong, understanding autism and behavioural challenges, disability awareness and communication methods. Our courses canb benefit organisations as diverse as the emergency services, banks, taxi drivers as well as playworkers, nursery staff and teachers.  You can book on our website or by phone. All courses are introductory with no previous knowledge or experience needed.

Training Provider Contact Details

Provider Name: The Yard

Telephone: 0131 476 4506



Quality Assurance

Our short courses are intended as an introduction to the topics. Some of the courses have been developed with third party organisations and are delivered by Tailor Ed on our behalf. Our inclusive play course has been developed by our own team based on decades of experience of delivering the best inclusive play environment. Our Introduction to Signalong course is approved by the Signalong charity and delivered by an in-house trained practitioner. We conduct surveys after every course and monitor these closely in order that we can make changes and improvements on the very rare occasion that we would be required to do so.