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Author Social Work Scotland
Date 17/05/2024
Resource Type Self-directed Support Library

Self-Directed Support Framework of Standards (2024)

The Self-Directed Support Framework of Standards consists of a set of standards (including practice statements and core components) to support the implementation of Self-directed Support in Scotland.  Self-directed Support is the way that social care must be delivered in Scotland for children, adults, those in transition to adulthood and carers.

You can access the Self-directed Support Framework of Standards via these links:

You can also read a short document, reflecting on the process of revising the SDS Framework of Standards:

This Framework is for all people and organisations. This includes children, young people, supported people, families, carers, including young carers and relevant organisations including Local Authorities and Health and Social Care Partnerships, NHS organisations or Integration Joint Board staff.
It is relevant for social workers and for those who are critical to the successful implementation of Self-Directed Support.